What Indian smartphone users want: an insight into their digital behaviour

Digital choices are primarily governed by the need for convenience, gratification, and affordability.

Additionally, using the phone for m-commerce and digital payments added to their convenience and preference to be mobile-first gen.

Entertainment as the most comforting offering

The positive gratifications from the digital immersion

Digital entertainment has a strong social gratification angle to it too.

The more the merrier, the cheaper the better

When learning becomes essential to perform tasks deemed critical for people, they bank on their inner circle and the digital world. Videos then become the go-to avenue for learning as they are a convenient and time-efficient way to gather information.

The gratification and convenience provided by the entertainment platforms make the users push the limits of their disposable time so that they can continue to be entertained.

A familiar platform that involves no new learning and free content are the major reasons behind this behaviour.

Choice of language and method to communicate are defined based on the context.

Affordability beats quality among the basic users while quality beats affordability for premium users.

Smartphone users in small locations tend to have fewer apps than users in tier 1 and 2 cities. This behaviour is prevalent as tier 1 and 2 users are more exposed to several apps and display a lower sense of loyalty whereas, in smaller locations, people trust the WoM more rather than experimenting with several apps.

In the digital payments and m-commerce sector, trust, ease of use, and fast services are critical factors when choosing a product or service.

To sum it up

Convenience, gratification, and affordability: the core motivators for the Indian smartphone users.



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