User Research in a Product Life Cycle

  1. Evaluate your problem statement, idea or concept
  2. Understand user motivations and aspirations
  3. Learn user lifestyle and mental models
  1. Surveys- online and offline
  2. Secondary Research
  3. Contextual Inquiry
  4. Stakeholder Interviews
  5. In-depth Interviews
  1. In-depth interviews
  2. Job shadow
  3. Diaries
  4. Camera journal
  5. Show and tell
  6. Day in a life of
  7. Home visits
  8. Body Storming
  9. Contextual Inquiry
  1. In-depth Interviews
  2. Scenario Validation
  3. Low-fidelity Prototype Validation - simple wireframes or wax models
  4. Expert Reviews
  5. Comparative Benchmarking
  6. Participatory Design
  1. Usability test, sometimes eye tracking tools are also used
  2. Comparative testing with other competitor products/services
  1. Usability test, sometimes eye tracker is also used



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Shipra Bhutada

Shipra Bhutada


Shipra is the Founder & User Research Director at User Connect Consultancy.