The rigour to recruit right participants for a user research study

The most well designed research would fall flat on its face with wrong participants, and add no value in providing the strategic direction that it could have been capable of providing.

  • fake identity
  • participating in multiple research studies (making these interviews their business)
  • giving incorrect information in the screening process (for e.g., employer info, product usage, or demographic info) just to be eligible for the study
  • recruitment agency playing foul to meet the time and recruitment targets
  • participant biases such as social desirability bias, acquiescence bias

In behavioural research, every interaction counts; it’s not about numbers but about understanding human behaviours in detail.

While not all research interactions result in great stories and that’s totally accepted, in those cases we wrap up the session before time, thank the participant for their time and provide the promised incentive. But, with our zero-tolerance toward framed and dishonest participants, we are never shy to call it out and provide the exact reason for the termination of the discussion. Integrity is at the core of all our functions, approach, and decision-making.



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Shipra Bhutada

Shipra Bhutada


Shipra is the Founder & User Research Director at User Connect Consultancy.