Decoding the behaviours of a small city trader and investor in India

  1. Increase the financial literacy of first time, small-town investors, by providing learning in a structured, reliable and easy to understand manner. In 2019, the National Centre for Financial Education did a survey that says that only 27% of Indians are financially literate. While the government bodies have taken various initiatives to improve this number, the trading and investment platforms. “In my area, people are not very educated, there is a lack of awareness hence they cannot make wise investment decisions. I saw people here play Dream IPL game. I think they should invest their money in the share market rather than playing on Dream IPL.” — Abhijit*, a small business owner from Chirkunda, Jharkhand.
  2. Provide customer support to the investor for any questions, grievances or clarifications to reduce their dependence on their inner circle and move towards developing trust on the experts and eventually using their services for investment advice. In a previous article published by UCC on trust, we shared insights on trust and talked about why building trust is an important goal to chase for businesses.
  3. Make it easy to use the app for the first-timer. Leverage technology to provide seamless onboarding experience as it sets the tone for the user-platform relationship.
  4. Tap into the regional flavour and provide support and learning aids in regional languages to deepen the connect with the users and forge trust with them.



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Shipra Bhutada

Shipra Bhutada


Shipra is the Founder & User Research Director at User Connect Consultancy.